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tv   Greta Van Susteren  FOX News  December 9, 2013 4:00pm-5:01pm PST

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behind me. >> those are clouds? >> those are clouds. >> are those clouds? thanks for inviting us into your home tonight. that's it for this "special report." fair, balanced and unafraid. greta goes "on the record" right now. >> a new video of a new possible knockout attack. you won't see this video anywhere else. but right now operation opt out young americans targeting other young americans using a popular game to warn them about obamacare. >> was it the botched rollout. [ buzzer ] or was it because the web site kept crashing? [ buzzer ] why did our generation decide to opt out of obamacare? because we haven't lost our [bleep] minds. we don't want to pay an arm and leg for a doomed government program. and we're tired of footing the bill for washington's failures. [ buzzer ] [ buzzer ] [ buzzer ] >> so sorry, politicians, our healthcare is not a game. [ buzzer ]
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>> president of generation opportunity. he joins us. is that your ad? >> it is our ad. we're trying to let young people know that obamacare is a disaster. really they are finding out on their own. they are seeing the prices and how expensive it is. they are choosing to opt out of this big creepy intrusive em.lthcare plan that's not >> why do you care? >> i care because our generation is not doing so well right now. 16% unemployment rate. we are being asked to pay three times as much for our healthcare in order to subsidize an older sicker population's healthcare. >> do you want no healthcare for young people or did you think that the healthcare system needed reformed. >> we think young people should make the responsible system and buy healthcare. young people can find healthcare right now in the private market. 96% of uninsured young people do not have a chronic position. it's not hard for them to buy a really inexpensive healthcare plan. obamacare makes it way more expensive and paying huge
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deductibles. just 10% believe it's going to lower their healthcare cost. >> do you not like the provision up to age 26 you can stay on your parents. >> i don't think it's that much help. so many parents are getting kicked of health insurance because of obamacare in the first place. it's not cool or right to turn your 20s into your add adolescents. so many people can't find a job and getting insurance on themselves are stuck being dependent on mom or dad or the government until they are 26. >> if they can't get a job then they are not going to be able to buy healthcare insurance so why not let them stay on their parents? >> i don't think it's that helpful. a lot of their parents don't have insurance and they are stuck being dependent on mom and dad rather than going out on their own. not a policy that promotes the american dream of independence and opportunity for my generation. >> let me ask you about generation opportunity. what is that? >> generation opportunity is an organization that advocates for young people. we are trying to get young people involved in the political process and fighting for their economic freedom and their future against politicians and big
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government that are often stealing our economic freedom and future right out from under us. >> where do you get the money? looks like expensive ad. >> variety of donors and focused on working with people across the country who care about helping our generation to fight for their own freedom. >> i'm wondering if you are sort of like, you know, there is some very influential group that funds you and as a consequence you have got to take some marching orders from other group. how independent are you. >> independent organization that's able to fight for our peers. and you see ads creative opportunities with inexpensively reach millions of young people. the difference seeing what we're doing and what the tens of millions of dollars in taxpayer money is trying to accomplish by the administration and by their allies is they are trying to use p.s.a.s and opportunities to reach young people through really stodgy p.s.a. ads. we have creative ads created by young people for young people able to reach millions of young americans. >> where do you place your
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ads? >> all on youtubes. these are webb ads gone viral because of the creative content not because of the ad budget. >> any idea how much the one we just showed and keep on showing, any ideas how many hits you have had on that one. >> operation game ad. 260,000 hits already. >> since when? >> since thursday when it went live. other ads 2.5 to 3 million views apiece. all tolled we put out 5 million videos and watch them and learn they have the opportunity to opt out of obamacare and take a better deal for themselves. >> do you have health insurance. >> i do. >> what kind -- is it individual or threw your organization? >> i have insurance through my employer. >> not through your parents, right? >> not through my parents. >> and your employer, would that be generation opportunity? >> generation opportunity we're able to offer healthcare to our employees. i will tell you what, it's getting more and more expensive every single year. it went up by multiple this year because of all the provisions of obamacare
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making healthcare so much more expensive in this country. so it's getting harder and harder for us to even offer to our employees. >> how many ads do you have? >> five videos up online right now. >> generation opportunity pull your videos. >> generation opportunity on youtube. follow us at gen opportunity on twitter and facebook. push out fun and creative content that's getting our generation engaged on really important debate right now. >> how many are following you? >> just under 10,000 now i think. we have got well over 2 million too follow us on facebook. >> evan, nice it to see you. go check out the other videos. >> thank you. >> now to president obama's promise that if you like your doctor you can keep your doctor. now, we know that is not true. but, that is not stopping the heated debate. >> what they said was if you like your doctor, you can keep your doctor. you can keep your insurance policy and it was a lie. >> the president said never
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said you were going to vun limited choice of any doctor in the country. >> if you like your doctor, you will be able to keep your doctor. >> if you want to pay more for an insurance company keep your doctor you can do that. >> obama lied. he told everybody if you like your doctor and your plan you can keep it, period. >> it was deliberate. they knew if they would tell the truth the bill would never have passed. >> senator john thune joins us. >> good evening, greta. >> what do you think about mr. manuel's statements to my colleague chris wallace? >> it's funny. they keep sending people out to shrill for this bad law. i feel sorry for them because the mittology they are trying to create about obamacare is very different from the reality most people are experiencing. and when you say you can keep your doctor if you are willing to pay more, that's a very different statement than you can keep your doctor, period, which is what the president said. >> actually, i thought when i heard that, i couldn't think if it was arrogant or we americans were some sort of social experiment in the
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petri dish. they didn't understand american people for the most part having to pay more means a whole lot more to people. maybe not to people who make a lot of money but to most people. i was surprised when i heard that. >> when you get outside of the washington bubble. i was reading today some the emails and letters that have come into our office. these are incredibly real and profound impacts on people's lives. we had a couple that had sent in and said that their premium were going up by $400 a month. >> that's a lot of money. >> deductible gone up by $1,400. i feel like the federal government just stole $5,000 from me. we had another couple looking to buy a home or get a bigger home, and their insurance premiums went up by 232%. >> i think what i find each worse though is sort of the arrogance of well, you know, that's not what we really said about it. if you want to keep your doctor, you can, you just pay more. that's what bothers me. no sense of empathy like look, i get it. we are trying to fix it or i'm sorry it happened.
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or i wish i would have told it to you straight. oh well you just pay more. >> funny thing about it too is you think people would be more empathetic to how this impacts middle class americans because it really does hit the middle class the hardest. people on the lower income scales are going to get help through subsidies. people on the upper end can afford it president last week in an interview tried to blame somebody else. he said this isn't about his management style, he said it's kind of an indictment of agencies that are outdated and not designed properly. >> groups like this young man just here that said they are out to sort of discourage people from doing it. >> the thing is, he essentially said that big government was the problem with all of this, and, yes yet, he is trying to dramatically expand the size of government with this thick. it is a government takeover one sixth of the economy. the real life implications for most people are as we found out cancelled
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coverages. sticker shock in the form of higher preyums and higher divuk tillables and obviously tax increases that are going to lead. he also said last week that the republicans didn't have any alternatives. and, frankly, that was just false. he may not like republicans' ideas. he says that and he can't possibly believe that. you know, he may not like them and they may be bad ideas. but that's just a lie. >> i don't think they are bad ideas. >> no, no. but you understand my point. that's the arrogance that i don't get. if he doesn't like it, they dismiss it even exists. >> right. i think that at least in their world, there is one world to do this and only one way to do this and it's obamacare. and it's a failed system built upon a faulty foundation and now we are seeing the real life impacts of that. there are republican ideas that are out there. we have a lot of members who would love to have a lot of opportunity to debate those if we could get that chance.
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but it means that the president is going to have to acknowledge that this isn't working and go back to the drawing board. we would be more than willing to enter into that discussion about what we can do to address the high cost of healthcare in this country. because, that, for most people, what this comes down to. the cost issue. they can't pay the rent. they can't pay the mortgage. they can't pay their children's education. >> they don't acknowledge if you send your lieutenants out here to say on television if you like your doctor you can keep it pay more. they don't get it to me that's appalling. >> the huberous and arrogance started with this in the beginning. they decided to do this on strictly partisan basis without input from republicans and passed a law that i think in their world in their theoretical world was the slugs that they thought was going to solve this but clearly it's not. >> let me go back to my original thieves. -- thesis. have new ideas.
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exchange ideas. if it's like, you know, if they don't understand what most american people are going through, talking middle class like 100 bucks more a month on a premium to a lot of families makes a difference. >> they ought to read the emails and letters coming into our offices and the phone calls. these are real life examples. these impacts on people's lives are profound. they are going to be felt for a long time. people having to make hard choices about whether to spend money on -- you know, much higher premiums, much higher deductibles or whether or not he they are going to be able to buy the bigger home for their family or put money aside for their kids' education. >> senator, always nice to see you. >> thank you. >> that rollout sure was ugly with the web site. now the administration is giving a mini makeover. really in the latest than is coming up. first, right after the break, i'm going to talk to you off the record. talk to you about something. i'm going to warn you about something. so stay right where you are.
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okay, let's go off the record for just a minute. do you have any idea how crazy it is to core peed medical to torpedo? -- obamacare is doing a good job of doing just that how? by either income cahoots
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with the insurance industry or just being plain stupid or maybe even a touch of both. here's a fact. cures for cancer or other grave illnesses are not developed at our community hospital. change lives coming out of giant research centers. chemotherapy was not discovered at the local community hospital. how about some of those incredible surgical robots? now according to the financial times under obamacare cancer research hospital grants like m.d. in houston, cedar sinai in los angeles. they are all getting the boot from insurance networks. which means patients can't go there because their insurance won't pay. the insurers don't want to pay for that high medical care and research. insurance companies want to do it on the cheap. how are these giant research centers going to survive to afford funding the research to maybe cure your disease or extend your life or maybe even save it? what's wrong with us? we used to reach for the moonlit materially and we
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moon, literally. obama is putting shackles on research and development. bad, huh? >> do not think for one second my criticism of obamacare does not mean i want access for medical care for everyone who needs it i do. i want smart ideas. not those bad ones that hurt us. that's my off-the-record comment tonight. if you have an important story or issue you think i should take off-the-record go to and tell us about it it. and big news for holiday shoppers, sort of. you can finally go window shopping on it is part of a mini makeover of the botched web site. does the makeover fix anything or news cosmetic. elise is back with us. nice to see you. what's the makeover the web site is is getting? >> the obama administration expanded the amount of information that people can access on without having to create an account. without having to go through the process that's created a bottleneck for some people trying to access these plans. now you can see provider
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networks for the first time. you can see out-of-pocket costs for the first time. they are seeing this as a boone to consumers who just want information about their healthcare plans before they sign up. >> before they had this, i know there was a lot of criticism. you had to put your name, in put your social security number and date of birth. >> plenty of information. date of birth. every member of the feab family, address, previous addresses if you have moved recently. there is a lot of information that people had though supply upfront in order to start the shopping process. what they are doing now is to create more opportunities to look at information before you have to create that account. people are liking it, they say. >> i can now go on and look at the bronze plans or different plans and see the different prices and what they offer before i have to give one lick of information? >> that's exactly right. the most important thing here is you can see the provider networks. we are talking about the president's promise that you could keep your doctor. provider networks are key for that because you need to know whether the same doctor you had on your previous
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insurance policy that was cancelled will be on this new one. that's the information people want. >> that one part that mr. manuel said on sunday if you like your doctor you can keep it if you pay more. >> a lot of people are going to be looking at provider network information to see if they have a local hospital that they're going to be able to easily access. we know insurance companies, in order to conserve costs are limiting these provider networks. >> sinai, m.d. anderson, slom kettering, what my off-the-record was about. >> right. whether people sign up for plans obama rests or not have coverage that doesn't allow them to access providers in their local communities. this is a problem for rural communities. they don't have a lot of providers to begin with. >> why didn't they do that in the first place? why didn't they let you know what your choice was before they give you that information. >> that was the plan when october 1st when the the debuted this is what consumers could
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access. in the weeks leading up to that things were so chaotic we need to scale back what we're doing with this web site. make the system work. it didn't as we have seen. now they are rolling it back out saying this is a boone to consumers because also it elim natsz that bottleneck on the account creation side. >> one quick question, have they figured out yet how to pay the insurance companies the back end? >> no. that system is still in process. >> not built? >>. no it's not built. it wasn't supposed to be ready until this month. insurers are concerned it won't be ready in january. >> violent on camera. is it the latest knockout game assaulted? you watch it and tell us. more of this terrifying video and latest on the disturbing knockout game trend next.
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behalf paragraph caught on camera, a possible new knockout game attack. the wisconsin free getting this video from a security camera. capture what is could be a knockout assault in milwaukee. a man sucker punched as he walks down the street and he collapses. wisconsin reporter james joins us. how are you doing, james? >> hi. how are you doing? >> fine, what you can tell me about this assault. >> the video quality is fairly poor but what you see is a man appears to be walking down the street minding his business when he is he followed by at least three or four other young men. when he is about to cross the street. a guy just swings as hard as he can and strikes him in the head from behind. and he falls in the street. and then you see two other men apparently from the
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group or around the group come up to him, but you can't really tell what they are doing. you don't know if they're punching him, kicking him or trying to help him. but it doesn't look good. >> is there any -- is there any way to sort of ayou this then indicate this video -- authenticate this video? is this police or security video? where did it come from. >> first posted on this web site called wisconsin i don't know a whole lot about it i'm trying to get it -- get everything confirmed on this. but, i don't -- it doesn't look fake from the looks of it this incident apparently occurred on the same day that we had another apparent knockout attack less than three miles from this same area on the same day. >> any arrests made from the victim medical care? >> it appears if you look at the video, it was not
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knocked out. he got down. across the street. so we really don't know a whole lot about it other than that. >> are the police taking this seriously as a possible knockout or do they think it's a random act of violence? >> i think what the milwaukee police do. they don't have a knockout category. they don't have a category called a knockout game. what they type these incidents as battery incidents. they investigate them to the fullest extent. they take them very seriously. >> if you learn something, give us a call, will you. >> i will. >> thanks. ted cruz releasing a new report accusing the president of, what? find out next. and you can hash it out with us. what do you think about the mini makeover of healthcare does it do any good? tweet or post using #greta.
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now, get ready to speed read your way through the news. first, the incredibly dangerous winter storm that is pummeling a chunk of the nation. snow and ice snarling traffic. 1600 flights cancelled. yesterday it paralyzed parts of the nation. ice paralyzing parts of texas. snow piling from washington to new york to new jersey. icy roads causing a 24 car pile-up. not over. tonight a repeat expected. more snow and ice are on the way to many of theist same places. and now to air force one on its way to south africa. on board president and mrs. obama. former president and mrs. george w. bush and former secretary of state hillary clinton. they will attend a memorial service for former south african president nelson mandella. during the flight with the obama mass in the president's cabin. bushes in the medical office and president clinton in the senior staff cabin. president bush spent 90 minutes in the press cabin. they are traveling to south africa separately.
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now to big business news. american airlines and u.s. airways completing their merger. they now rank as the world's largest airline. the airline name will live on. the u.s. airlines name will disappear. survived challenge from the government and consumer groups. guess what. you are no longer an owner o. the u.s. government selling all its remaining shares in general motors. government lost 10.5 billion on bailout of g.m. and that's is tonight's speed read. today, senator ted cruze introducing a report calling it lawless and abusive. is president obama violating the constitution? and what are the limits? georgetown law professor nicholas joins us. good evening, sir. >> good evening, greta. >> abusive and lawless is what senator ted cruz says. do you agree or disagree with senator cruze and why? >> senator cruze's point is that the way the president is implementing obamacare looks a lot more like rewriting the law rather than executing it.
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the constitution requires the president to take care that the laws be faithfully executed. and, in many ways what president obama is doing looks a lot more like the rewriting of the statute. >> what do you know that's happening? what's the test? >> i'm sorry? >> when do you know that that's happening? he is rewriting it? what's the test? >> the take care clause gives the president wide discretion but, i think it's safe to say that the president has crossed the line in a few cases with regard to obamacare. for example, the president chose to unilaterally suspend the employer mandate for an entire year. the statute is crystal clear about the date when the -- employer mandate is supposed to begin. and the president on his own motion said i'm going to wait an extra year. now, he has wide discretion but he does not have discretion to entirely suspend a law wholesale and that's essentially what he has done here. >> except that he didn't
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throw it out completely. he just put it on pause for a year. does that -- is that an argument in favor of the president? >> well, you know, that's exactly what english kings used to do is suspend laws temporarily. they use to claim the power of suspension and our framers made a different choice. they said that our executive was going to be obliged to take care that the laws be faithfully executed. this was quite a different choice. here the president is opting to suspend a part of the law for an entire year for really policy reasons or, you know, more cynically political reasons. >> is there any -- i mean, what should the president have done? let's say for policy reasons. they simply couldn't implement one part of it, that part of the law. what should the president have done and in your view should he have gone back to congress for permission? >> well, absolutely. if it's really impossible for the president to execute the law as written, he should seek an amendment from congress.
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now, interestingly, the house of representatives actually passed a bill that would have done exactly what the president wanted. that is to say it would have suspended this provision of obamacare for exactly the one year that the president wanted and far from welcoming that, the president actually threatened to veto that statute. so, oddly, the president insists on doing this unilaterally rather than involving congress and his necessary fix. >> i take it that the no harm, no foul is on that particular thing since congress had already passed that or wanted him to do that, the fact that he does it a different method doesn't protect it constitutionally. >> no, the formalities matter. the president's obligation is to take care that the laws as written by congress are faithfully executed makes all the difference in the world whether congress changes its statute and whether the president decides on his own motion that he is going to make the change. >> and the remedy is, what, to sort of check -- let's say the president is dead
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wrong in doing these things, that he is exceeding his power. what's the remedy? >> it's hard to say. there have been various court cases and there are other court cases that are possible. there are certain challenges subordinated with those cases. there might be issues of standing and so forth. congress has a lot of tools at its disposal to retaliate if a president seems to be behaving lawlessly, they can withhold funding from his favored programs or hold up his nomination, things like this. but the congress has some remedy at its disposal, but when a president really seems to be acting lawlessly, at the end of the day, the real remedy is elections. and the people really should pay attention to whether their elected officials are scrupulously adhering to the u.s. constitution. it's their most important job. >> is there -- in comparison to what some other president did in recent history that we could sort of compare this to? >> no. i think this is quite different, actually. so, you know, president bush
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did occasionally claim the power not to execute certain laws because he believed that those laws were unconstitutional. that's quite a different matter. here president obama is declining execute statutes without any claim that they're unconstitutional. president obama does not believe obamacare is unconstitutional. he believes it's fantastic. he just thinks as a matter of policy and as a matter of politics it serves his purposes to defer parts of it for a year and to interpret parts of it which the text won't allow. it might superficially look a bit like president bush did. it's equally quite different no constitutional rationale for it. >> professor, thank you as always. >> good to be with you. >> no doubt about it, the obamacare rollout is a giant mess. what do the big problems with the president's healthcare law say about big government? co-host of the five and --
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dana nice to see you. >> thank thank you for having m. >> big government was supposed to solve problems for healthcare. a lot of people enormously unhappy with it. is this a bigger signal about big government? >> i think that if you stay involved in politics long enough, you live to see the cycles of liberalism is dead and conservatism is dead or conservative is up and liberalism is down. great american experiment as to how much of a role government should have in individual lives. conservatives would say there should be less. liberals would say that government should be able to do more. the problem for president obama right now and the left is that in practice, theieory io well. so politically they have a problem. and because of the way we communicate now so much more quickly, sharing information on all sorts of different ways, opinions change very quickly. that's why i think you have seen the president's poll
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numbers and that of other democrats declining so rapidly. are they in a free fall? not necessarily. and the republicans are going to have to say why they think government doing less would actually be better for people. but that's also hard to do in practice. when are you going to start taking things away from people and what are those things going to be? >> it's interesting you have got the power and the authority and that's part of big government. big government thinking that it can make decisions for that you smaller government can't. but separate from that is the issue of bloat. no one ever looks at our issue of bloat. efficiency and all the waste of money. why not? >> interesting over the weekend you saw george will i think it was on "fox news sunday" yesterday, one of our contributors now saying that the protracted education of president obama, just how big the government is and how hard it is to get the government do something quick and agile is kind of an amusing thing to watch unfortunately there is all these casualties along the way. in the president's defense or just for all of us, we need to really think about
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how much do we want the government to do? we want the government to protect us? we want the government to provide for free trade and economic freedom? then you have all the other things that we have added on it, food protection, water protection, new government investments into going to space or finding new energy? >> but i think if you go back in history and would he go wind-i rewind it, social security and medicare big government programs that i think a lot of people really like. >> i'm from wyoming and the west and i would tell you you can find the most conservative rancher who will tell you that he wants less of this and less of that but don't you dare touch his social security or medicare. i don't think that's what conservatives are asking to do. no one is saying let's get rid of social security and medicare. what they are saying is there are better ways to make the wealthiest pay a little bit more or receive less benefits in the long run to make these programs being sustainable for the longer run. ronald samuelson has a excellent column about
4:40 pm
generational warfare between the young and the old. he says it's upon us and only going to get worse. this question of how much government can do and the lack of trust in government is going to feed into elections for the next several years. >> dana, as always, thank you. >> thank you. okay. everyone's it's time to hash it out. illinois residents celebrating new holiday. governor pat quinn tweeting join me in congratulating the coach as i have declared today mike ditka day in illinois. retiring his jersey during a halftime ceremony. ditka played tight end for the chicago bears from 1961 to 1966. and then he returned to the team as head coach from 1982 to 1992. ditka is the 14th and final player to have his number retired by the bears. and these new visitors are not welcome in the big apple. my fox new york tweeting yuck, if cockroaches weren't bad enough in the summer some who have survived the cold have turned up in new york. exterminators discovering the species in the park.
4:41 pm
creepy crawlers are able to survive harsh temperatures and snow. how did the cockroaches get to new york city? scientists suspect they were burrowed in the soil of decorative plants at the park. and the united states air force band surprising museum visitors. "the washington times" tweeting air force plan puts on flash mob show at smithsonian. 120 musicians taking part in surprise show at the national air and space museum. a lone cheloist. officials banning a game day tradition for from this year's super bowl. "sports illustrated" tweeting no tailgating will be allowed at super bowl bowl 48. tailgating will be prohibited at metlife stadium in new jersey. fans will be able to have food and drink inside their cars but cannot take out a grill or lounge chair or do anything to take up more than one parking space?
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what do you think of the no tailgating rule? #greta. straight ahead, another new problem with obamacare. forget about privacy. tens of thousands of you just lost it. it might be you. we will tell you who next.
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is this just cruel? a 3-year-old you a cities particular boy will have to give up pet chickens of u the chickens he uses for therapy. city council in florida deputing the parents'
4:45 pm
request to keep the chickens at their home. the chicken controversy started last year. little j.j. hart's parents asked local lawmakers for special permission to have chickens. they say the birds keep their son calm. because city ordnance bans chickens in residential neighborhoods much want harts had to convince the council to change the rules for autistic for son. one year and now the year suspect. council voighted not to give the family extension. chickens belong in agricultural areas. j.j. parent's say they will keep up their fight. you be the judge. should the little boy be able to keep his chickens and is the city council being mean or is a rule a rule go. to gretawire and vote in our poll right now. coming up, private information going public, worse, it might be yours. thanks to obamacare. find out, that's next.
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imagine this. not sure what to do about obamacare. goian line to see about the possibilities. without permission your name and contact information is handed over to insurance agents. that is what has happened to tens of thousands of people in california. "l.a. times" reporter chad joins us. nice to see you, chad. >> thanks for having me. >> so what happened and are people in california whose personal information handed over, are they upset? >> it has generated a sharp reaction on both sides. what happened was the california exchange had tens of thousands of people had had gone on the web site and started an application but they never finished. they never picked the health plan or finished signing up. and california was concerned about those people. they wanted to help them out so they decided to hand over those names, the contact info, email addresses, phone numbers, no other information like income or social security numbers. but they handed over that contact information to a network of about 8,000
4:49 pm
insurance agents who are certified by the state and said agents, if you are interested, you can contact these people. did these people who had their information handed out without their permission and exchange name. did they say in any way they felt, quote, helped? >> i think you have seen both sides. some people said yes, i appreciated getting contacted by these insurance agents and i talked to some people today. some people have signed up as a result of this. but, as you can understand, some people were very surprised to get these emails, to be contacted out of the blue by an insurance agent and wondering "where did you get my information?" and what else do you have? so many were very upset. they felt it was a violation of their privacy. the key thing here is these people never checked the box. they never asked to be contacted. like many of us go online shopping and we would sometimes give permission for somebody to follow up with this.
4:50 pm
these people never gave that consent. they never asked to be contacted. the exchange says, look, we know a lot of people need help. we were just trying to give these people some assistance. i think a lot of people were very upset that they didn't ask to be contacted. >> you know what i found sort of rather appalling and i read it in your article was that it was reviewed by the exchange legal council. and i think at least in my view what in the world was lawyer thinking it was okay to give out this information? they actually went to their own lawyer and the lawyer apparently approved of it. >> that's right. apparently the executive director said they vetted it through their legal counsel. he felt it didn't violate any privacy laws and he did acknowledge that these people did not ask to be contacted. and that some people may be upset but, on balance, he thought it was being helpful to these people and, basically, they don't want anybody falling through the cracks before the december 23rd deadline. >> chad, thank you very much. >> thank you.
4:51 pm
>> and straight ahead, beware, more obama potholes. plans with lower premiums do not necessarily mean save you more money. why he they could cost you big time. that's next.
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now, it's time to show what you we are watching. we put together the most fantastic videos out there tonight. take a look. the crowd goes wild at a soccer match in brazil. a little too wild. 10 minutes into the game violence erupted. fans armed with sticks and melts bars punching and kicking each other. police had to fire rubber bullets and tear gas in the crowd. four people ended up in the hospital. hundred pound surprise. they were fishing along a beach when they suddenly reeled in a big tiger shark. the fisherman releasing the
4:54 pm
shark back into the scene. you had to see this one coming. two years after making friday, the most famous day of the week singer rebecca black releasing a new song and you guessed it saturday. ♪ this saturday we are going to party all night ♪ one we will remember for the rest of our lives ♪ it's saturday >> no word on when sunday will make its debut but that's what we are watching tonight. coming up, new warnings about the rising cost of obamacare. you may get sticker shock when you least expect it. that's next.
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. if you thoughts insurance plans are lower premiums would save you money, think again. sticker shock. abc news political director rick klein joins us. >> hi, greta. >> high deductibles does what for you. >> gold silver and bronze packages out there. bronze very cheap per month but the problem is very high deductible? >> high how about. >> 5,000 or 6,000 a year on average. a the love folks who didn't have health insurance before, they are going online and see the cheapest plan out there thinking i can afford that 50, 60 bucks on month. if they access the services they will find out they are paying out of pocket incredible amounts. >> $5,000, that can be a game changer for a lot of americans. >> talking about someone who
4:58 pm
makes $40,000 a year that's a big chunk when you figure that on top of the money they are already paying into the health insurance program. it's kind of a double sticker shock. we have heard a lot about the premiums that are happening on the front end when you see the prices and you say wow this is more than i thought we would be paying. kind of how the system was designed. because you are supposed to have that option to say all right, i'm going to have a low premium but high deductible. >> the whole point is if you have a high deductible you are not going to go in and get healthcare. now you are paying into the pot to pay other people. discourage you from using actual services because you have to get up above 5,000, whatever it is. it's a good way, i use that lightly. a way tox tract money from people who aren't going to be paying out of the system. >> one of the things they don't talk about with the system. the way it balances itself. expect people use less services if people feel pain: should not be in a position of not seeking treatment and not seeking remedy for illnesses just because you are worried about the prices.
4:59 pm
>> right. so if you had a mysterious lump or something and might want to roll the dice because you can't pay the a thousand dollars deductible then all of the sudden you are in a different situation than a month from now. >> covered from catastrophic situation. caps. know regulation on this before on how much you are paying out of pocket. the other side is there are a lot of people surprised how much they end up paying out of pocket for this supposedly cheap healthcare plan they have. >> lowest deductible is what on some of these? if i got the gold plan? >> on the gold plan it could be very low. $2,000. very low compared to what they are paying. >> could be a whole lot of money. anyway, rick, as always, nice to see. >> you thanks, greta. >> rick klein, abc news, thank you. >> just as a reminder, we never want you to miss one minute of "on the record." don't forget to set up dvr series recording and don't forget to watch tonight hannity 10:00 p.m. eastern. special guest senator lindsey graham is sean's guest. up next the o'reilly factor and, of course, what are you going to do after this show?
5:00 pm
go to and tell us what you thought about tonight's show and post and answer all the polls and everything else. see you on gte ir. would good night. see you tomorrow night, 7:00 p.m. i am disappointed that carlos santana wore one of his more conservative shirts. back in the day you could see it from space. >> president obama socializing last night. guess who was in the crowd? your humble correspondent. i will tell you what happened. >> you are not high now but. >> i don't smoke pot but i do eat it though. >> is it a laughing matter that the denver post has hired an editor to promote marijuana is that funny in the mile high city? >> quarter pounder, man. >> do you feel connected to america here? >> no. >> also tonight jesse watters heads to the end of the u.s.


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